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We're on facebook!

Posted on October 13, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello everybody!

We've launched a Shannen Doherty fan page on facebook! Please, take a look at it, like it and share it!

Thanks so much!


Happy belated birthday dear Shannen!

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Yesterday was Shannen's birthday, and for celebrating it we've added many pictures from her worldwide breakthrough acting role: Brenda Walsh.

We've added promotional shots and acting stills from the first 3 seasons (we're reaching storage limit so more pics from 3rd season and 4th season pics will come another day).

We hope you enjoy them! We've left the albums at the beggining of the gallery for a better viewing :)

1990/91 - Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 1)

1991/92 - Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 2)

1992/93 - Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 3)

Acting career pics posted!

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Shannen's career span over 3 decades, she started at 10 and was very famous worldwide playing renda Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210 when she was 20.

Today we've added some of the 1990s films that were missong on this site. You'll find posters, publicity shots, film stills, behind the scenes and screen captures of:

1992 - Freeze Frame

1992 - Obsessed

1994 - Blindfold: Acts of Obession

1994 - Almost Dead

1994 - A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story

1994 - Jailbreakers

1995 - Mallrats.


New section (Acting Career) + Tonight Show on Jay Leno 1997 pics

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Hello everybody! How are you?

We've updated the site once again! Thanks so much for coming and visiting us :)

Today we've updated the site in 2 areas.

First of all, a new section at Shannen page has been added. The work is still in progress and not finished yet. You can check the 'Acting Career' page, featuring all her roles in a database. We still have to add her TV appereances as herself, so stay tunned! ;)

Also, we've updated the gallery, with pictures from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1997 interview, she looks so happy and beautiful! The pics are after 1995 but they are rare and she looks beautiful, so we wanted to have them included here :) The screencaptures are from the Shannen Doherty Central webpage, we've added 365 but they have over 700! So go and check the site, it's amazing!

So that's all, enjoy!

New section site: Articles! (+ tiny gallery updates)

Posted on February 2, 2013 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello everyone, how are you?

We're excited ad we've opened a new section of our site: Articles!

You'll find many articles related to Shannen, interviews, news, etc. Some of them are just gossip, but it shows the way the press was back in the 1990s.

So you just have to go at the top of the page, at 'Shannen' section and check the 'Articles' section and you'll find a bunch! Some of them aren't still available, but you can already read some of them. Just remind that the section is still under construction, but if you have any article that isn't on the page and want to contribute, don't hesitate to contact me here. Just another quick remind, that for the moment I'll include articles/scans/magazines/newspapers up until 1995. Thanks :)

By the way, the tiny updates on the site are the rare pics from the Ian Ziering birthday party. Enjoy them!

The Secret of Lost Creek screencaptures

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Many pictures of the 1992 TV series The Secret of Lost Creek  have been added!

The photos come from the Shannen Doherty Central  website, the largest & most comprehensive online resources for fans of Shannen Doherty. So please, take a look at this site as it's full of goodies :) Remember if you use them to giving full credit to the original source, thanks.

The Secret of Lost Creek is amovie of the Disney factory in where there are adventures, romance, intrigue,one amusing movie for all the family

Jennie Fogel (ShannenDoherty) and her brother Robert (Scott Bremner) have been sent from the city tospend the summer in the small town of Lost Creek in the Sierras. Both are surethey'll be bored, although she will going to work into a small newspaper ownedby their grandfather.

But when Jenniestumbles across and old legend and clues leading to a lost treasure and Robertbecomes convinced he has spotted Bigfoot, their vacation takes on newexcitement. Investigating the past of the town, its environs and its geography,they find clues to locate the lost treasure, turning a bored days in a great adventure.


Sadly, it seems at least is missing one chapter, as it happens on the youtube videos (in German) that you can watch below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

She looks so beautiful, so enjoy it anyway ;)

Father Murphy

Posted on December 23, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Added pictures of Shannen's first TV role of her acting career, 1981 - Father Murphy pictures and screen captures.

Father Murphy is an American television drama series that aired on the NBC network from November 3, 1981 to September 18, 1983. Michael Landon created the series, was the executive producer, and also directed the show in partnership with William F. Claxton, Maury Dexter, Victor French and Leo Penn. [Later on, Landon would cast Shannen in 'Little House of the Prairie'].

The series stars actor Merlin Olsen as an 1870s frontiersman named John Michael Murphy who teams up with prospector Moses Gage (Moses Gunn) to shelter a group of orphans who are being threatened with a workhouse. Murphy disguises himself as a priest and befriends a schoolmarm to help the children find a home. At the end of the first season, his true identity is revealed to the head of the workhouse, and the orphans seem destined to a life of labor. Instead, Murphy marries the schoolmarm and they get custody of the children.

Shannen appeared as Drusilla Shannon in two episodes, 'By the Bear That Bit Me: Part 1', aired on December 1st 1981, and 'By the Bear That Bit Me: Part 2', aired on December 8th 1981.

On youtube you can watch the 2 episodes :)

F M By the bear that bit me p1 - YouTube

F M By the bear that bit me p2 - YouTube

Hope you love the pics. Shannen looks so cute, she was 10 and was an amazing actress: she was nominated at the Young Artist Award for her role!

Being that said, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Much love,

Violet :)




Added links/Affiliates

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Hello everyone!

Still working on the site!

Today we've added some sites to our Links/Affiliates page, and are the following ones:

Shannen Doherty forums

90210 Fans forum

http://jennie-garth.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">I Heart Jennie 

Tori Spelling Online

Tori Spelling and her family fansite

Don't forget that you can always apply for affiliates here.

Naked Gun 33 1/3 exclusive pictures!

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Hello everybody, we've added exclusive pictures of 1994 - Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult film starring Shannen making a cameo. The caps have been done by us (hence the tag on the left corner, please, do not remove it).

She looks extremely beautiful. Enjoy!

Site Updated!

Posted on October 5, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone!

There are many news, lately. As you can see, the site has changed the layout. We hope you like the new one - I really love it!

Also, many new photos have been added to the Gallery, photoshots sessions all of them:

1990 - Mario Casilli

1992 - Firooz Zahedi

1992 - Neal Preston #1

1992 - Neal Preston #2

1993 - Charles W. Bush

1993 - Andrew Eccles

1993 - Lou Salvatore

1993 - Davies Factor

1994 - Wayne Stambler

You can right-click the links on this page and open them in a new window; or in the gallery you can choose Photoshots cathegory and then you see the day when each album was last updated and search the ones from today.

I haven't work lately in this site, but I'm doing a hard working on the yahoo group, where you can join, adding the Beverly hills 90210 screen caps, each week an episode. Don't worry, this site maybe it's not updated much often, but I won't delete it.

Violet xoxox

PS: Remember you can use the social media buttons from the right of the pages for spreading the word and sharing the site in facebook, twitter, google + and so on!


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Hello everyone,

After some time without updates, today the site has been updated with a bunch of photos!


Heathers & 21st Jump Street


From 1994: Winter TCA Press Tour, The Beat Goes On concert, Rolling Stones post-concert party and Live at Five.

and from 1995: "Basketball Diaries" film premiere, Independent Spirit Awards and "Mallratts" film premiere.


Added many Affiliates!

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Hello everybody!

Added new Affiliates at Links section!

Remember you can always apply for affiliate here.

Site Updated!

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Hello everyone,

Many Shannen Doherty pics have been added at Events gallery.

Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to see them in their full original size!

Violet :)


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Welcome to the BEAUTIFUL SHANNEN website.

Beautiful Shannen is a familiar place were you can find pics and info about Shannen Doherty, her acting career, her relationships, her family and her friends. Everything focused in her youth era (from 1971 until 1995) for the moment.


All the pictures have been colected from different websites (check the LINKS for great sites) or magazines. We just share them, we do not claim them as our own, they belong to their owners. We do not consider we 'steal' the pics, we credit them and also their photographers (when we know them) and also they can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, TV, on-line... However, if you find a pic that you know it's YOURS and want to be removed, please contact us. We just want to show the world as many Shannen pics as they are. This site is only for entertainment and fun.


Note that this is a familiar site so you won't find nudity. Thanks for your comprenhension.

There are additonal pictures and some larger versions of Shannen images on the online Shannen Doherty club that I am owner. It is much easier and quicker for me to share images through that group, and to respond to picture requests, so if you love pictures of Shannen it would be worth joining the group. I usually post new discoveries there first, and there are other Shannen fans around the world who share their pictures on there too:





PS: May you want to link us using the banner below: